Congress Report 2019

For the first time, IFA has published a Congress Report that contains summaries of all major sessions held at the London Congress.To mention a few, highlights of the Congress included for example discussions on the challenges raised by the digitalization of the economy and the future of international corporate tax policy, and some of the most recent developments within the European Union, notably in the area of international abuse prevention and fiscal transparency.

In the past, IFA has not memorialized the Congress proceedings. This report marks a change and the desire of IFA’s Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) to increase the dissemination of the Congress outputs.The summaries of the panel discussions have been prepared by young tax professionals. They can be read as points of reference for discussions, be used as reminders for those who attended the sessions, or inform those who weren't able to join us in London.

The Congress Report has been sent to all IFA members and is also available for IFA members here. We hope you enjoy the Congress Report!