Executive Board

The main task of the Executive Board is the management of the Association. It is the body responsible for developing the strategy and ensuring the management of the Association. The Executive Board is supervised and advised by the Supervisory Board.

Composition of the Executive Board 2023-2024

Subject to effective registration of the notarial deed accepting the revised Articles of Association, the Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, the Secretary General, the General Treasurer, the Chair of the Permanent Scientific Committee and up to three Chairs of IFA Regions.


President: Guglielmo Maisto (Italy)


Vice President: Natalia Quiñones (Colombia)


Secretary General: Jean-Blaise Eckert (Switzerland)

General Treasurer: Jean-Blaise Eckert (a.i.)


Chair Permanent Scientific Committee: Robert Danon (Switzerland)


Chair IFA Region Asia Pacific: Kuntal Dave (India)






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