Permanent Scientific Committee

The main task of the Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) is the development of IFA's scientific programme. The PSC selects the topics and supervises the planning and implementation of the scientific work of the Association. For further details on the appointment, functioning and organisation of the PSC please refer to Article 29 of the Articles of Association.

Composition of the Permanent Scientific Committee for the period 2018 - 2019

The Permanent Scientific Committee consists of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and a number of committee members to be determined by the General Council.


Robert Danon (Switzerland)


Scott Wilkie (Canada)


Krister Andersson (Sweden)
Paolo Valerio Barbantini (Italy)
Peter Barnes (United States)
Marcos Vinhas Catão (Brazil)
Caroline Docclo (Belgium)
Sjoerd Douma (Netherlands)
Jorge Gebhardt (Argentina)
Daniel Gutmann (France)
Pascal Hinny (Switzerland)
Georg Kofler (Austria)
Jürgen Lüdicke (Germany)
Anders Nørgaard Laursen (Denmark)
Yoon Oh (Republic of Korea) 
Casey Plunket (New Zealand)
Jennifer Roeleveld (South Africa)
Pranav Sayta (India)
Jonathan Schwarz (United Kingdom)
Francisco Selame (Chile)
Fernando Serrano Antón (Spain)
José Carlos Silva (Mexico)
Miranda Stewart (Australia)
Dariusz Wasylkowski (Poland)
Xiong Wei (China PRC)
Masao Yoshimura (Japan)

Extra invited

Jean-Blaise Eckert (Switzerland), Secretary General
Pasquale Pistone (Netherlands) Academic Chairman of IBFD; ex officio
Maikel Evers (Netherlands), YIN Representative
Sophie Chatel (OECD); ex officio
Valère Moutarlier (European Commission); ex officio
Michael Lennard (UN); ex officio

Additionally invited for the preparation of the Annual Congresses in:

2019 Murray Clayson (London, United Kingdom)
2020 Ricardo Rendon (Cancun, Mexico)
2021 Rudolf Mellinghoff (Berlin, Germany)






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