Permanent Scientific Committee

The main task of the Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) is the development of IFA's scientific programme. The PSC selects the topics and supervises the planning and implementation of the scientific work of the Association. For further details on the appointment, functioning and organisation of the PSC please refer to Article 28 of the Articles of Association.

Composition of the Permanent Scientific Committee for the period 2022-2023

The Permanent Scientific Committee consists of a Chair, two Vice Chairs and a number of committee members who are nominated by the Nominations Committee and appointed by the General Assembly.


Robert Danon (Switzerland)

Vice Chairs

Adolfo Martín Jiménez (Spain)
Miranda Stewart (Australia)










Jesper Barenfeld (Sweden)
Pat Brown (USA)
Richard Collier (United Kingdom)
Nico Derksen (Singapore)
Caroline Docclo (Belgium)
Sjoerd Douma (Netherlands)
Shefali Goradia (India)
Daniel Gutmann (France)
Johann Hattingh (South Africa)
Philippe Martin (France)
René Matteotti (Switzerland)
Angelo Nikolakakis (Canada)
Anders Nørgaard Laursen (Denmark)
Casey Plunket (New Zealand)
Natalia Quinones (Colombia)
Jens Schönfeld (Germany)
Luis Schoueri (Brazil)
Anna Theeuwes (Netherlands)
Xiong Wei (China PRC)
Masao Yoshimura (Japan)
Adam Zalasiński (Poland)

Extra invited

Jean-Blaise Eckert (Switzerland), Secretary General
Pasquale Pistone (Netherlands) Academic Chairman of IBFD; ex officio
Maikel Evers (Netherlands), YIN Representative
Benjamin Angel (European Commission); ex officio
Michael Lennard (UN); ex officio
Achim Pross (OECD); ex officio
Jasna Voje (OECD deputy)











Additionally invited for the preparation of the Annual Congresses in:

2023 Ricardo Rendon (Cancun, Mexico)
2024 Albertus Marais (Cape Town, South Africa)
2025 João Nogueira (Lisbon, Portugal)
2026 Chloe Burnett (Melbourne, Australia)


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