Supervisory Board

IFA has a Supervisory Board responsible for supervising and advising the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board will discuss and decide on the basis of all information and documents provided by the Executive Board.

Composition of the Supervisory Board


Chair Niv Tadmore (Australia)
Vice Chair Marta Villar Ezcurra (Spain)

Edgar Anaya Bourgoing (Mexico)
Massimo Antonini (Italy)
Bristar Cao (People's Rep. of China)
Christian Comolet Tirman (France)
Kuntal Dave (India)
Cecilia Delgado Ratto (Peru)
Rogério Fernandes Ferreira (Portugal)
Peter Glicklich (USA)
Ulrika Gustafsson Myslinski (Sweden)
Yushi Hegawa (Japan)
Christian Kaeser (Germany)
David Yin-Young Lee (Rep. of Korea)
Paul Morton (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Roeleveld (South Africa)
Valentin Savov (Bulgaria)
Maurus Winzap (Switzerland)


Jeanne Goulet (USA), WIN Representative
Claudia Suter (Switzerland), YIN Representative


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