Honorary Members

Honorary Members are natural persons to whom the General Assembly has granted the Honorary Membership, in recognition of their special services to the Association.

Honorary Presidents

Marcus Desax, Switzerland
Porus F. Kaka, India
Jerome B. Libin, USA
Sven-Olof Lodin, Sweden
Manuel E. Tron, Mexico

Honorary Members

H.J. Ault, USA
J.F. Avery Jones
R. Couzin, Canada
M.J. Ellis †, Netherlands
A. Fantozzi, Italy
H.M.A.L. Hamaekers, Netherlands
L. Kana, Chile
Han Kogels, Netherlands
J.P. Le Gall, France
G. Maisto, Italy
J. Malherbe, Belgium
T. Miyatake, Japan
J.D.B. Oliver, United Kingdom
J. Owens, France
D. Rosenbloom, USA
Wolfgang Schön, Germany
J. Sasseville, Canada
J.F. Spierdijk, Netherlands
D.R.Tillinghast, USA
J.A.A. Van der Bijl, Netherlands
Frans Vanistendael, Belgium
R. Vann, Australia
Kees van Raad, Netherlands
Stef van Weeghel, Netherlands
J.W.B. Westerburgen, Netherlands
F. Zimmer, Norway

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