YIN Committee

The Young IFA Network continues to grow. Each year, the YIN Committee takes new initiatives to enhance the participation of YIN members in various IFA activities and to expand the reach of YIN among young professionals at the various IFA levels. These include further strengthening the YIN communication infrastructure and establishing a good network amongst the YIN Representatives. IFA's Executive Committee is very pleased with this development and wishes to encourage the participation of young international tax practitioners and academics in IFA worldwide. 

Composition of the YIN Committee 2021-2022


Claudia Suter, Switzerland

PSC Representative

Maikel Evers, Netherlands

Vice-Chair (Americas)

Juan David Velasco, Colombia


Valeria D'Alessandro, Argentina

Siddharth Banwat, India

Pedro Corona, USA

Selçuk Özgenç, Turkey

Trevor Glavey, Ireland

Tom Ickeringill, Australia

Jerome Brink, South Africa

Ignacio Gepp, Chile 

Fabiola Diaz Prado (Mexico)

Extra invited


Gabryela Valencia, Mexico

Floria Oppel, Germany


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