1st European Region Conference

Warsaw, Poland
22 May - 24 May 2019

About the 1st European Region conference

IFA's Polish Branch is delighted to welcome you to the 1st European Region Conference which will take place in Warsaw from 22 to 24 May 2019.

The IFA European Region Conference will put together international tax practitioners from the legal and accounting professions, corporate tax executives of multinational and local corporations, academics from universities and government officials from around the globe.

As host of this meeting, IFA's Polish Branch is committed to creating outstanding networking and learning opportunities for all attendees. The Conference will be a special opportunity to connect with your network of colleagues and develop new professional relationships.

Topics of the conference

Digital economy: How will the untaxed be taxed?

Latest developments in taxing highly digitized business models – review of unilateral measures in selected Member States, the status of EU initiatives and responses from the US as well as the position of OECD.

  • Chair: Scott Wilkie, Vice-Chair of the Permanent Scientific Committee of IFA

The future of tax collection in the sharing economy: who, what, where and how?

The role of platform operators and its impacts on traders and consumers – discussion of selected CIT and VAT policy, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Chair: Prof. Joachim Englisch

Managing tax compliance in multiple jurisdictions: only increasing the burden, or leading to more legal certainty in the future? 

New challenges in the effective management of tax compliance over multiple jurisdictions - new EU Directive on reportable cross-border arrangements, new OECD-driven initiatives - ICAP, joint audits, joint rulings, possible impact of the EU Arbitration Directive’s implementation on prevention and effective resolution of double taxation disputes, etc.

  • Chair: Murray Clayson, President of IFA

EU CIT -  combatting tax avoidance: challenges of translating policy objectives into practice 

ATAD implementation in selected Member States, recent European case law

  • Co-chair 1: Prof. Fernando Serrano
  • Co-chair 2: Robert Van Der Jagt

EU VAT - sealing off the system: current status and possible future developments

Current status of initiatives for combatting VAT fraud - implementation of the VAT Quick Fixes Directive, the Split Payment and VAT Voucher Directive, as well as the plan for next steps in creating a single EU VAT area

  • Co-chair 1: Karl-Heinz Haydl
  • Co-chair 2: Tomadz Michalik

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For more information about this event, please visit the website: www.ifa2019warsaw.com


Technical Secretariat
E-mail: ifa2019warsaw@bcocongresos.com 

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