IFA Africa Region Webinar: “What is tax policy?”

20 September 2023


IFA Africa Region invites you to attend an international tax webinar on 20 September 2023 at 14:00 WAT. 

A distinguished panel of experts in taxation will discuss the fundamental concepts arising on “WHAT IS TAX POLICY?” This webinar aims to address several of the key issues facing Africa in the realm of tax policy.

Halford Mackinder, better known as the father of geopolitics, was an academic geographer and a practical politician. He spent most of his political life campaigning about international tax policy.

For Mackinder, there were four roles for tax policy:
a) encourage an activity,
b) discourage an activity,
c) make a political statement and
d) raise revenue.

Mackinder linked tax policy to geo-political strategy.
Tax policy can have a powerful ‘restorative’ effect. Michael Hudson has shown that all the wealth stolen by the Russian oligarchs could have been recovered by the Russian state using tax policy. Could French companies transferring a product, say uranium at a vast undervalue, be subjected to transfer pricing audits going back decades? 50% of South Africans have no net assets. Could tax policy have a distributive effect to counter decades of injustice?

For too long, African tax policy has focused solely on revenue generation, ignoring all other roles of tax policy. This webinar is aimed at focusing on tax policy conceptually rather than any particular policy.

Ifueko M. Omoigui Okauru, Former Head of the Revenue, Nigeria. 
Bertin Kienou, Managing Partner, CABINET D'AVOCATS BERTIN KIENOU.
Francis Kairu, Policy Advisor, Tax Justice Africa.

The webinar will be moderated by: 
Mr. Dapo Ladimeji, Chair of IFA Africa, Principal, Ladimeji & Co. 

Information and registration

Detailed information and registration form can be found by link. 

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