IFA Virtual Programme 16 -25 November 2020

16 November - 25 November 2020

IFA is very pleased to present its virtual programme with six webinars to take place from 16- 25 November 2020. The Main Subjects of this years’ Cahiers and IFA’s regular sessions will be held virtually on the IFA website and on the IFA App. Also IFA's Young IFA Network (YIN) will organise a virtual session and you can visit the virtual poster programme.


Apart from the opening and closing event and the virtual poster programme, the sessions will include:

Subject 1: Reconstructing the treaty network
General Reporters: David Duff (Canada) and Daniel Gutmann (France)
Chair: Liselott Kana (Chile)
Subject 2: Exchange of information: issues, use and collaboration
General Reporters: Armando Lara Yaffar (Mexico) and Tatiana Falcão (Brazil)
Chair: Christoph Schelling (Switzerland)
Chair: Stef Van Weeghel (Netherlands)
Chair: Luc De Broe (Belgium)
Recent developments in international taxation
Chair: Chloe Burnett (Australia)
YIN Seminar
Moderator: Stephanie Johnston (Canada)
WIN Seminar
Moderators: Carol Tello (USA) and Ana Claudia Utumi (Brazil) 

The event will be opened by the IFA President, Murray Clayson and the President of the Cancun Congress, Edgar Anaya, on 16 November 2020, followed by a brief introduction on the scientific programme by the Chair of the PSC, Robert Danon.

The sessions will be live but to ensure these sessions are convenient for all participants across the globe, they will be recorded and made available to participants if they wish to access these at a later stage. Registration details will be released in August so mark your calendars for this virtual programme. Please check our website for regular updates and we hope to meet you online!