IFA Webinar Pillar Two: an Update

24 May 2022

The next online session in the IFA Webinar series is coming up soon and will take place on Tuesday 24 May 2022. The discussion regarding the implementation of global minimum taxation (Pillar Two) has recently captured a lot of attention at the OECD, the EU and the international level. A public consultation will take place on Monday 25 April regarding issues raised by the implementation of the GloBE Framework. Against this background this Global IFA webinar will provide the latest insights regarding global minimum taxation.

Preliminary programme

15.00 Opening by Peter Barnes (President IFA)
15.15 Session: Pillar Two: an Update
Introduction by Pascal Saint-Amans and Achim Pross (OECD)
Panel discussion with stakeholders, moderated by Robert Danon (Chair IFA PSC)
16.45 Wrap up dialogue by Guglielmo Maisto (Vice President IFA) and Robert Danon (Chair IFA PSC)

The IFA Webinar series is free of charge for IFA members. You can register with your IFA login details here. An overview of the programme can be found here