Taxation on Blockchain

25 August 2021

Taxation on Blockchain

Dear All,

Thanks again for agreeing to participate on our YIN roundtable discussion with the topic “Taxation on Blockchain” to be held next August 25th from 2 to 4 PM CDT. This roundtable will be co-hosted by YIN Mexico, YIN Canada and YIN US, while having the sponsorship of YIN Central too!

As a way of introduction among all copied, we are pleased to have the following panelists:

  • Ian Caines, YIN Canada
  • Laura Gheorghiu, IFA Canada
  • Sean McElroy, YIN US
  • Amanda Varma Pedvin, IFA US
  • Victor Maldonado, YIN Mexico
  • Fernando Lujan, YIN Mexico

Regarding the YIN leadership, we are also pleased to count with the support of:

  • Claudia Suter, Chair of YIN Central
  • Daniel Nir, Chair of YIN US
  • Kimberly Brown, Co-Chair of YIN Canada
  • Sara S. Chiu, Vice-Chair of YIN Canada
  • Mariana Eguiarte, Chair of YIN Mexico
  • Luis Salinas, Vicechair of YIN Mexico

Our roundtable discussion will be moderated by our YIN Mexico members, Victor Maldonado and Fernando Lujan. On a separate e-mail, we will circulate an initial draft presentation for all participants to review and populate. In addition, a couple of outlook invitations will be circulated too for purposes of setting two preparation calls in advance to our panel.

Please download the information flyer here.

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