IFA 2023 Congress in Cancun, Mexico

IFA 2023 Cancun

With great pleasure we welcome you to the 75th Congress of IFA in Cancun, Mexico from 22-26 October 2023. We will put together the latest scientific topics to provide participants an excellent forum to exchange and debate, meet and interact with friends, colleagues, sponsors and exhibitors.

Cancun offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages, from a splendorous landscape to a visit to the mystical ruins that will take you on an incredible journey back to the Mayan civilization. Download the flyer with the preliminary programme!

Event details

Congress IFA 2023 Cancun
Date 22-26 October 2023
Location Cancun, Mexico

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Scientific Programme

Main subjects

Seminar topics

Attribution of profits to PE’s: AOA vs. UN Model

Chair: Richard Vann (Australia)

The use of tax systems to execute fiscal policy (Companion Seminar to Subject 1)

Chair: Armando Lara Yaffar (Mexico)

Tax adjudicators Seminar (Adjudicative forums for deciding international tax disputes - Companion Seminar to Subject 2)

Chair: Philippe Martin (France)

Who is winning the race?

Chair: Natalia Quiñones Cruz (Colombia)


Chair: Porus Kaka (India)


Chair: Georg Kofler (Austria)

Non-discrimination rules (direct and indirect)

Recent Developments in international taxation

Chair: Jonathan Schwarz (UK)

The Transfer of personnel between countries and the taxation of services provided by employees highlighted by the Covid-19 global pandemic

Chair: Ana Claudia Utumi (Brazil)

Transfer pricing controversial topics - problems and solutions

Chair: Monique Van Herksen (Netherlands)