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The 2022 Cahiers are published. The IFA Cahiers are released annually and are an invaluable source of information of lasting scientific value for any specialist interested in international or comparative fiscal law. The Cahiers offer a wealth of domestic and international material in fiscal matters dealing with the Subjects to be discussed at the following Congress. IFA members receive the compact printed publication of the Cahiers every year. The compact version consists of the general reports, EU and OECD reports when applicable, and summaries of all Branch reports on each of the two main subjects selected each year. The full edition of the Cahiers contains the general reports, EU and OECD reports when applicable, as well as all Branch reports on each of the two main subjects A and B, selected each year.

Both the compact versions as well as the full editions of the Cahiers from 2016 onwards can be printed on demand and ordered by email here. Pricing is excluding handling & sending cost, and excluding VAT:

 Compact version of the Cahier      125, - EUR/after 106 edition no longer available
 Cahier Volume A     160,- EUR
Cahier Volume B          160,- EUR
Set of Cahiers Volume A+B  224,- EUR


If you wish to acquire digital access to the IFA Cahiers from 1980 onwards, please contact us by email here. Members of IFA receive a discount of 40% on hard copy orders by stating their membership details in the email. Digital access is free of charge for members. The following Cahiers can be ordered in hard copy:


The two subjects of 2022 are:
A) Group approach and separate entity approach in domestic and international tax law 
B) Big Data and tax – Domestic and international taxation of data driven business


The two subjects of 2020 are:
A) Reconstructing the treaty network (ISBN: 9-789083-087412)
B) Exchange of information: issues, use and collaboration (ISBN: 9-789083-087429)


The two subjects of 2019 are:
A) Interest deductibility: the implementation of BEPS Action 4
B) Investment funds


The two subjects of 2018 are:
A) Anti-avoidance measures of general nature and scope - GAAR and other rules
B) Withholding tax in the era of BEPS, CIVs and digital economy


The two subjects of 2017 are:
A) Assessing BEP: origins, standards and responses
B) The future of transfer pricing


The two subjects of 2016 are:
A) Dispute resolution procedures in international tax matters
B) The notion of tax and the elimination of international double
taxation or double non-taxation