IFA Statement on Ukraine

10 March 2022

As an association committed to the study and advancement of international and comparative law in regard to public finance, the International Fiscal Association (IFA) is shocked by the flagrant violation of international law. The Association has been following the developments closely and the Executive Board of IFA has therefore decided to ban with immediate effect any use of the IFA brand or logo on any paper or electronic communication, on any website and during any event physical or virtual in Russia. Within its principles and its authority, IFA is reviewing and considering all further possible actions appropriate. We stand with our colleagues and their loved ones who are personally affected by the conflict.

Together with the EATLP and the IBFD, IFA has joined forces in support of the Ukrainian tax community with funding of research scholarships on European and/or international tax law. More information can be found here and you can contact [email protected] or [email protected].