Why this book?


While the scientific activities of IFA have significantly contributed to the proper interpretation of tax treaty law, two main reasons now prompt the need for a renewed and fundamental review of the topic:

First, given the development of tax treaty practice it is now an appropriate time to recapitulate the principles governing tax treaty interpretation in the light of the rules laid down in the VCLT, review them in a coherent manner and provide some guidance and clarity.

Second, the recent strong shift to fiscal multilateralism and the emergence of global tax standards equally affects tax treaty law. Beyond the role and impact of the OECD commentaries, attention must therefore also be paid to the impact of global standards in tax treaty interpretation.

This book, which will be contributed by well-known tax treaty experts aims at presenting the current status of tax treaty interpretation and at providing guidance on this subject-matter. The book is intended to represent the most comprehensive and recent contribution of IFA on tax treaty interpretation.