The Global Tax Agreement

Conversation Pascal Saint-Amans (OECD) and Robert Danon (IFA Chair PSC)

Watch the conversation between Pascal Saint-Amans (OECD) and Robert Danon (Chair PSC) on the historic agreement by more than 130 countries and jurisdictions that have joined a new two-pillar plan to reform international taxation rules.

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IFA 2021 Virtual Event

"The Global Tax Agreement: the Two-Pillar Solution" 

Registration is now open for IFA's virtual event to take place from 29 November-1 December 2021: "The Global Tax Agreement: the Two-Pillar Solution". Go to My IFA to register!

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Young IFA Network (YIN)

Round table discussion North American region

Watch back the YIN Round table discussion between YIN Mexico, YIN Canada and YIN US, on "Taxation on Blockchain" which took place on 25 August 2021: "Taxation on Blockchain".

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Pascal Saint-Amans (OECD) and Robert Danon (IFA Chair PSC) on the Global Tax Agreement, the Two-Pillar Solution.

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